• Our People



Alison Sokol Blosser Alison Sokol Blosser

Co-President, CEO & Second Generation Winegrower

Alex Sokol Blosser Alex Sokol Blosser

Co-President, Winemaker & Second Generation Winegrower

Bill Blosser Bill Blosser

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Nik Blosser Nik Blosser

Board Member

Russ Rosner Russ Rosner

Winemaker Emeritus

Robin Hawley Robin Hawley

Associate Winemaker

Mario Carbajal Mario Carbajal

Cellar Foreman

Dylan O’Brien Dylan O’Brien

Cellar Master

Yorman Lopez Yorman Lopez

Cellar Associate

Alyssa Rademacher Alyssa Rademacher

Cellar Assistant

Manuel “Luis” Hernandez Manuel “Luis” Hernandez

Vineyard Manager

Rod Wyatt Rod Wyatt

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Julie Bensel Julie Bensel

Human Resource Manager

Chris Langan Chris Langan

Vice President of Sales

Sara Manucy Sara Manucy

Eastern Sales Director

Don Weston Don Weston

Western Sales Director

Lee Medina Lee Medina

Key Account Manager

Emily Zegar Emily Zegar

Export Sales Manager / U.S. Market Manager

Melissa Hobbs Melissa Hobbs

Sales Operations Support

Caitlin Shawver Caitlin Shawver

Marketing Coordinator

Henry Kibit Henry Kibit

Executive Chef

Travis Bird Travis Bird

Sous Chef

Jennifer Clark Jennifer Clark


Syndie Rider Syndie Rider

Executive Assistant

Sabrina Rehnke Sabrina Rehnke

Office Administrator

Melissa Frederickson Melissa Frederickson

Fulfillment & Warehouse Coordinator

Lisa Perry Lisa Perry

Consumer Sales Director

Lita Holmes Lita Holmes

Tasting Room Manager

Lacey Hutchinson Lacey Hutchinson

Club Ambassador

Christina Collins Christina Collins

Club Coordinator

Lauren Kawasaki Lauren Kawasaki

Events Coordinator

John Knight John Knight

Tasting Room Senior Sales Associate

Amanda Francois Amanda Francois

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Angie Sutton Angie Sutton

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Michelle Morain Michelle Morain

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Tim Rosenberry Tim Rosenberry

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Zachary Roth Zachary Roth

Tasting Room Assistant Manager

Kristina Foley Kristina Foley

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Tiffany Harris Tiffany Harris

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Sherika Clark Sherika Clark

Tasting Room Associate

Lindsay Kibler Lindsay Kibler

Tasting Room Associate

Dianne Olson Dianne Olson

Tasting Room Associate

Caryl Zenker Caryl Zenker

Tasting Room Associate

Anna Blakeslee Anna Blakeslee

Tasting Room Associate

Kurt Marquardt Kurt Marquardt

Tasting Room Associate

Steven Brogan Steven Brogan

Tasting Room Associate

Caleb Goad Caleb Goad

Tasting Room Sales Support

Tina Senz Tina Senz

Tasting Room Sales Support

Katelyn Morain Katelyn Morain

Tasting Room Sales Support

Bev Edwards Bev Edwards

Tasting Room Host

Brook Stewart Brook Stewart

Tasting Room Sales Support

Sandra Pendleton Sandra Pendleton

Tasting Room Host

Carol O’Halloran Carol O’Halloran

Tasting Room Host

Natasia Spaniol Natasia Spaniol

Tasting Room Host and Sales Support

Lucy Sokol Blosser Lucy Sokol Blosser

Winery Dog

Harry, Sebastian, & Oscar Harry, Sebastian, & Oscar

Winery Cat Ambassadors (aka Chief Adorable Officers)