• Who We Are

Robin Howell


I moved out to Oregon from Michigan (go State!) for graduate school at OSU. I received my degree in genetics and promptly started an internship in a winery quality control lab. I thought it was just going to be something different and fun to do for a harvest, however, that was 2005 and I have not turned back. My interest in wine started as a hobby with my Dad and now I’m teaching him things. He’s not complaining about the education. I spent 5 years training with one winery and have since traveled around to learn and experience harvest in other parts of the globe. I’ve tried both large and small scale winemaking on the south island of New Zealand in beautiful Marlborough and stunning Central Otago. I also explored winemaking in the South of France near the village of Limoux, producing a diversity of wines including bubbles (one of my favorite styles of wine). I’m happy to be on the team here at Sokol Blosser and am pleased with seeing Mt. Hood every time I walk out to my car (well in the summer that is).

Hobbies: Traveling, rock climbing, camping, skiing, exploring new places, and big dinners with friends and family

What You Like About Pinot Noir: It keeps the winemaking interesting as it is a finicky grape to work with.

Favorite Food: Pizza, tacos, BLTs with fresh summer tomatoes from the garden, and cheese.

Place You’d Like to Travel to: Thailand, Mongolia, Argentina, South Africa, Cuba, Germany, Greece…actually I’m up for all travel adventure anywhere.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Gin and Tonic or Pink Lemonade, both on ice.

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