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Nik Sokol Blosser

Second Generation Winegrower

Nik Blosser is a second generation winegrower and owner who currently serves as Chairperson of the board of directors of Sokol Blosser Winery. Nik grew up on the family farm and attended Dayton Public Schools for 13 years. He has worked in both the private and public sectors, including founding his own media company, Celilo Group Media, serving as Chief of Staff to Oregon Governor Kate Brown, and working in the White House for the Office of Cabinet Affairs as a Chief of Staff and Deputy Cabinet Secretary. But he has always kept ties to the family business, and has led the exploration work on development of the company’s aperitif wines.

Over his career, Nik has been a leader in the promotion of sustainable products, services, and policies, including serving as publisher of Sustainable Industries magazine, the clean energy news service NWCurrent, and Chinook Book city guides, and being chief petitioner on a statewide ballot measure in Oregon to phase out coal-generated electricity in the state, which ultimately led to legislative action. He was a co-founder of the statewide Oregon Business Association and served as Chair of the association, and he was appointed by two Oregon governors to serve on the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission, which included service as Vice-Chair of the Commission. Nik graduated from Stanford University with a degree in aeronautical engineering in English. He is married to Deborah Kafoury and they have three children.

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