• Sokol Blosser Club Newsletter Spring 2024

Winemaking is a great lesson in patience. You spend half a year putting all this effort into this thing that you then put away underground and wait to see how it turns out. 2021 was a phenomenal vintage for us and we are just beginning to see how amazing these wines are. These are the kind of wines that will drink well now, and will also age beautifully in ten years. I can’t wait to open one a decade from now! But winemaking isn’t all we’ve been up to…


Two years ago, my older brother Nik presented his idea to make an Aperitif with our wine. This is something he has been passionate about for a while, so we gave him some wine and space in the cellar, and he got to work creating our first batch of Aperitif. Even after 53 years in business this is something completely new to Sokol Blosser, you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!


The best part of running a family business is that you get to do awesome things with the people you care about most. For 53 years now my family has come together, and is still coming together, to create great wines. Thank you to all of you for supporting us for all these years and I can’t wait to see what we’ll come up with next!



Alex Sokol Blosser

2nd Generation Winegrower and President

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