• Get To Know The Team (Spring 2024)

Terri Keeley - Accounting & Compliance Specialist, Low-Key Mystery Solver

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?
4 years, 3 months.

Favorite wine and why?
Evolution Red for the win! It is the best red blend on a budget. 

Where are you from?
This is always a difficult question for me to answer because I’ve grown up in so many places and they’ve all shaped who I am. So, I will say various towns and cities in Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Germany, and California.

Cool fact about yourself?
More strange than cool, but I whistle backwards. I’ve never been able to blow out to whistle, so I taught myself how to whistle by sucking air in.

If you have to fight 1000 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, which would you choose?
I would not fight any animals, but I would love to see a duck sized horse and a horse sized duck.

Coolest place you’ve enjoyed a glass of wine?
On the beach in Mykonos, Greece, The Champ de Mars in Paris, or the VIP suite at Allianz Arena while watching a FC Bayern Munich game. Anywhere while traveling.

What is your favorite season in Oregon and why?
Summer because I love playing in the backyard with my kids, going to the local music festivals in the park in Dayton, and lake swimming. Runner-up would be fall because of the gorgeous views while driving around the vineyards.

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?
1.5 years

Favorite wine and why?
Bluebird rosé, cause it’s a princess pink drink!

Where are you from?
I’m originally from McMinnville.

Weirdest (but delicious) wine and food pairing you know?
Rolos and Rosé.

What’s a cool fact about yourself?
I’m a professional actress and dancer when not at Sokol Blosser.

Coolest place you’ve enjoyed a glass of wine?

Liberty Dolence - Tasting Room Sales
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