• Sokol Blosser Sparkling Program

10 years ago, we delved into the world of sparkling wines with our inaugural 2014 Sparkling Rosé of Pinot. From the first delicate pink bubbles we were completely entranced and our passion for sparkling wines commenced!  A decade later, our sparkling wines consistently earn impressive ratings and fly off the shelves in no time. This is due to our unwavering commitment to crafting sparkling wines using the traditional Champagne method by our dedicated winemaking team; this slower and more detailed process uses a secondary fermentation to create more refined bubbles and exquisite flavors.
We source our grapes both from our Estate and from renowned vineyards within the Willamette Valley whose terroir is ideal for creating sparkling wines. Our goal is to craft sparkling wines which are a celebration of Oregon and the world class fruit grown here. In the past decade we have continued to grow and perfect our sparkling program, creating the delightful Bluebird Brut Sparkling wine, a favorite of our founder, Susan Sokol Blosser, as well as a Blanc de Blancs and a Blanc de Noirs. We are proud of our wines, each grown in Oregon and crafted in the traditional French method to create exemplary sparkling wines ready for any celebration. Pop the cork, pour in a glass, and cheers with someone special!
The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the recovery, restoration, and enhancement of the Western Bluebird. The Western Bluebird is listed as a “sensitive species” in Oregon by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Susan Sokol Blosser and her husband Russ have been working with the project for years, encouraging and monitoring Western Bluebirds nesting on the vineyard. If you drive up the road to our tasting room, you’ll notice birdhouses made especially for the birds, with a front panel that lifts so Susan and Russ can keep track of the birds from eggs to fledgling. They also deliver nutritious meal worms in the spring and early summer, making them very popular with the nesting Bluebirds!

Our Sparkling Wines

Bluebird Cuvée Brut Sparkling
Blanc de Blancs Sparkling
Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir
Bluebird Rosé Sparkling
Bluebird Blanc de Noirs Sparkling

2021 Bluebird Cuvée Limited Edition Box

With a bottle of our 2021 Bluebird Cuvée Brut Sparkling nestled inside, this Limited Edition box is perfect for gifting or displaying in your own collection. These gorgeous boxes are sure to make a splash any time of year!
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