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Say hello to Sadie the vine

Many of you following us on Facebook have recently seen that we named a vine in our Peach Tree Block, Sadie. Or you may have been someone who voted on the vine’s name.

Over the next year, we will be tracking Sadie’s progress week-by-week and sharing pictures, videos and stories of her life before, during and after 2014 harvest. You’ll hear from us here at Sokol Blosser and you’ll even hear from her directly.

It’ll be a 52 week trek. Last week was week one since we were on bud break watch for her. This week is week two.

(Here’s your Sokol Blosser team channeling being a vine.)

We (and Sadie) are excited to show the life of a vine over a year’s time, and we hope that you share in the journey as well. Be part of Sadie’s story by sharing her weekly progress on FB and Twitter. If you are visiting the winery, be sure to take a picture with Sadie, post it on our page and tag #sadieselfie. We’re looking forward to seeing the compilation of Sadie’s story that extends beyond our own lens.

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