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Our 2021 holiday gift guide

In a holiday season filled with trinkets and gadgets that quickly fall by the wayside, we are on a mission to help the apprehensive gift giver put together thoughtful and useful gifts for the variety of people in their lives. Items that make their days a little brighter, or something special they would have never thought to buy for themselves. Use this list to lighten your holiday worries, find inspiration that’s more unique than the Amazon gift catalog, and give the gift that will be positively charming!

For the foodie in your life get them then kitchen essentials upgrade!

Gourmet finishing salt: larger and flakier than kosher salt, this sea salt adds a whole new level of crunch to any savory dish. The OG brand is Maldon from the UK, but if you want to try an artisanal American version look for Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Pure Flake Finishing Salt based out of Tillamook, Oregon (yes, the same place that make delicious cheese and icecream).

Premium Olive Oil: not all oils are made equal, and Monini GranFrutatto extra virgin olive oil can transport you to a warm Italian villa in just a drop. For a local (but just as delicious) alternative, our neighbors produce a vibrant and flavorful olive oil here in Oregon. Durant’s Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is perfect for finishing dishes or just eating with bread.

Linen hand towels: soft yet sturdy, a good linen hand towel can be a life saver in the kitchen. We always think white is a classic for the kitchen, but you can pick a color to match the aura of your giftee if you like. Go to your favorite home goods or Target store and give the towels a feel before deciding. In the kitchen, towels are like socks, you can never have enough.

The perfect wine to impress dinner guests: every food and wine go hand in hand, and our Holiday Feast trio of perfectly aged vintage wines will make the ultimate showstopper to any gourmet dinner.

The spa package they’ll actually want.

Start with the soak: when picking out a bath product, a good rule of thumb is to avoid scents unless you are absolutely certain your giftee enjoys a scent. We love pure dead sea salts for their skin soften effects or go with classic Epson salts for the athletic enthusiast.

Skin treatments: there nothing more rejuvenating than a good lotion (especially in the winter). Again, we are cautioning against scents and instead pointing towards that brands that most of us walk past in and can only admire. Think French names. We love La Roche-Posay, Avène, Nécessaire, and Glossier for their hard working yet crowd-pleasing ingredients in equally spa-like packaging.

The biggest, fluffiest bath towel you can find: when was the last time you treated yourself to a new bath towel? A rarely splurged-upon item, a bath towel is one of those daily necessities that rarely gets a replacement. Again, this is one that you’re going to need to go feel for yourself to find the perfect one.

Bubbles, but not for the bath: complete the package with our Together at Last gift set. A bottle of our Blanc de Blanc sparkling and hand-poured soy candle adds a luxurious touch to any spa night!

The newlyweds first Christmas.

Make sure everybody gets a glass: unless they remembered them on the registry, someone is going to be drinking their wine out of a coffee mug. While Zalto and Riedel make some stunning (and exorbitant) options, Spiegelau and Schott Zwiesel make some beautiful but affordable options for the everyday glass of wine.

A really good wine bottle opener: not the kind with the arms you pull down (those break so easily) but a solid bartender style wine key. This style of wine key is so much sturdier, plus it can easily open beer bottles as well. We sell a beautiful sommelier corkscrew with a wood handle on our website that has been tasting room tested and good for 1000s of bottles!

A handmade wooden cutting board: useful and beautiful, you can cut and serve all in one with a well-made cutting board. For extra points, bring some cheese and bread to share to christen the board.

Bring them the wines they won’t hesitate to share: our Classic Evolution package come with a bottle of everybody’s favorite red, white, and bubbles so there is something for everyone. Evolution wines are made to be enjoyed so there won’t be any stress over when they should be opened!

New Year’s fun for the whole family!

Champagne glasses that won’t stop the party: dishwasher safe, ergonomic, and virtually unbreakable. GoVino glass take the stress out of giving everyone a glass to toast with, even the kiddos! Plus, the glasses are super lightweight yet sturdy they are easy to hang onto and use again and again at every holiday that needs a little bit of sparkle!

Sparkling grape juice for the little ones: and the not so little ones or just anyone who doesn’t feel like having a tipple. There’s nothing worse than having to toast with soda, or worse, water, so make sure no one gets left out of the festivities with a bottle or two of a fun non-alcoholic option.

Edible glitter, because sparkling is better with sparkles: glitter jokes aside, edible glitter (and make sure it is EDIBLE because there is a difference) adds a magical touch to any drink. Kids and kids-at-heart will love the effect and you can pick a specific color it you want your gift to have a theme!

Add some pop to the party: complete your gift with our two favorite sparkling wines with our Holiday Sparkles package, the 2016 Sparkling Rosé and the 2019 Bluebird Brut Sparkling. Made in the traditional Champagne Method, these wines are a delight to receive and will make the perfect way to ring in the New Year!

We hope this guide fills you with fantastic gift ideas for mom, dad, or even a gift for a teacher in your life. Our 2021 holiday catalog is filled with gift basket ideas, the best wines to give as a gift! Whether you need your wine gifts delivered or something local, we hope we can help you find the perfect one!

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