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Meet the Sokol Blosser team: tasting room sales associate Tyler Bitner

What is your background and how did you end up in the wine industry?
My degree is in advertising and I worked for an agency and then a broadcasting company running social media projects. But I’ve also work full or part-time in the wine industry since I turned 21.

How long have you worked at Sokol Blosser?
I just celebrated my one year anniversary! I moved to Oregon to pursue a career in wine. Moving here without a job or place to live, I actually spent my first few weeks living in my car while starting here at Sokol Blosser. It’s been an interesting year.

What first got you interested in wine?
When I was 21 all I knew about wine is that there were two kinds: red and white. I had an opportunity for a job at either a tasting bar or grilling burgers at a local burger joint. After literally flipping a coin, I started at the tasting room. The tasting room manager at the time wanted everyone to have basic wine knowledge, so he offered classes and tastings to all employees after work. His classes piqued my interest to the point where I needed to learn more on my own.

What do you love about Pinot Noir?
Vintage variation! Every year can be a completely different. It’s always fun to learn what vintage people prefer.

What’s your favorite current Sokol Blosser wine, and what are you pairing it with?
Sparkling Rosé without a doubt! I usually pair it with my pals, sitting outside with a small dash of “put your feet up.” I don’t think there’s a better wine pairing possible.

What’s your favorite part about working at Sokol Blosser?
Definitely the team. I’ve never worked with such a helpful and happy group of people. Maybe it’s because we are surrounded by wine, but everyone is always happy to be here.

When you’re not working what do enjoy doing?
Most of my free time this year has been exploring Oregon wineries and breweries. I also read quite a bit, and I have been taking wine classes as well.

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