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Why Stock-the-Bar Parties Are the Next Big Wedding Trend

Source: Wine Enthusiast 

Millennials are getting married significantly later than their parental counterparts. According to the Census Bureau, the new average age to say “I do” for women is 27.8 and 29.8 years of age for men. In 1968, those numbers were 21 and 23, respectively. So, it’s only natural than that how couples celebrate marriage also changed.

In lieu of traditional wedding showers, Stock-the-Bar parties are becoming the new status quo. After all, these couples likely already have a toaster and coffeemaker by the time they’re walking down the aisle.

So, what exactly is a Stock-the-Bar Party? Rather than registering for items the couple may already own or don’t want, they can register for their home bar and wine collection. Wouldn’t you rather receive a bottle of bubbly than a gravy boat? This explosive trend has led to sites like ThirstyNest, the first wine and spirits registry for the modern couple. How else would a young couple start to set up their new wave gift list? Here’s what to add to yours.


Wine lovers should start with a mix of both special ageworthy wines and casual options. For your ageable wine collection, three bottles to a full case (12 bottles) is a good amount for starting a home cellar. They can be stored in a small to moderate wine fridge for safekeeping or in a cool, dark place in a home. Some favorites are the Louis Roederer 2008 Cristal Champagne for a one-year anniversary or Robert Mondavi 2013 Reserve To Kalon Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon for a five-year anniversary.

As for everyday wines, it’s all about whatever the couple likes, which is what makes a registry such a great tool. It allows the lovebirds to make their selection personal. Workhorse wines that pair with different dishes and occasions include dry rosés like Belle Glos 2017 Sonoma Pinot Noir Blanc. It’s just as fitting for a trip to the beach as it is with a holiday meal. Additionally, some cool-climate Oregon Pinot Noir, like the Sokol Blosser 2016 Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir, can be enjoyed with lean meat dishes or even a hearty vegetarian meal.


On the spirits side, as with anything wedding related, it really depends on the couple’s personal taste. A good mix of cocktail essentials and some dram-worthy brown spirits tend to be well received by anyone looking to expand their home bar. On the cocktail end, a great vodka, gin, whiskey and Tequila, along with your stirring mixers such as vermouths and Campari are a good place to start. For those who like to sip spirits neat, make sure to include at least one fantastic Bourbon, like Bulleit, and a classic, smoky single malt Scotch, such as the Oban 14-year, to your list.


As for the serving tools, absolute must-have pieces are a great set of wine glasses, a wine opener and some cocktail tools. This 16-piece wine glass set is gorgeous and comes with a 10-year warranty. Also, personalized wine openers and decanters, along with a good set of cocktail tools and glasses, will always come in handy.


Lastly, a place to put all of these amazing gifts! For wine, there are a variety of wine fridges and racks available that range in size to fit a collection from six to 300 bottles. A good place to start would be in the 32-bottle range for post-nuptial storage with a little room to grow. For spirits and tools, bar carts are especially fabulous and there are even ones that work for a small-space living.

Hosting a Stock-the-Bar Party is the perfect solution for today’s couple. They can level up on their ability to entertain while creating new experiences with friends and family. Don’t worry: setting up the registry will be almost as fun as enjoying your gifts with ThirstyNest.

Published on February 22, 2019

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