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I remember when…Cellar club & hospitality liaison Emily Zegar’s first vineyard hike

I was counting down the days until I turned 21. My anxiousness and excitement to turn the pivotal age was not driven by a desire to go out and party with friends, but my eagerness to start my career in the Oregon wine industry. Not much longer than a week before my birthday, I joined Tasting Room team at Sokol Blosser Winery. I was elated to work for one of the pioneering Oregon wineries on a historic and beautiful estate with genuine people.

I remember my first summer at Sokol Blosser – from Memorial Day Weekend to busy Saturdays in the Tasting Room to watering the flowers in the courtyard in the mornings before any visitors arrived. In addition to all of these memories, I remember our first summer vineyard hike.

A couple dozen or so guests made their way to the Winery early in the morning. Prior to their arrival, glasses and wine were stashed throughout the vineyard for the hikers to enjoy along the way. They arrived with excitement on their faces, to learn and have fun. These expressions were much like those of my own, though I had a bit of envy for our hike leader. She got to spend the day hiking through the vineyard while educating people about Sokol Blosser’s sustainability efforts such as organic farming, the geology of the Dundee Hills and history of the Oregon wine industry — all while tasting estate wines. This seemed too good to be work.

Two years later, I can now write and say, I remember when I led my first vineyard hike. The sun was shining and my face was beaming. I was the first to arrive to the Winery to fire up our RTV. Off I went, riding through the vineyard to stash glasses and wine at our four designated stops. The lunch table was set for our return and Evolution Sparkling was popped to celebrate the morning. I greeted the group of 24 eager hikers and off we went on our half day excursion. It was a warm summer day filled with stories, history, long strides under the sun and, of course, Sokol Blosser wine.

I remember a lot of moments, people and experiences I’ve had here at Sokol Blosser Winery over the past two years. I can now say I remember my first vineyard hike, and happily claim it as being one of my favorite and most memorable experiences. Come join me August 16th or September 6th for our next Summer Vineyard Hikes!


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