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Harvest Update: A Message From Alex Sokol Blosser

Dear Sokol Blosser Wine Drinker,

The first full month of Fall is upon us and as of the writing of this newsletter we are ¾ done with bringing in grapes for harvest. The finish line is close my friends! This newsletter starts with traveling and ends with a wine glass that can fit a bottle of Pinot Noir.

We are blessed with an amazing team here at Sokol Blosser. I hope you caught my pod cast with my dad (click here to listen) as he sums it up well when he says the highlight of his past 52+ years at Sokol Blosser has been working with so many wonderful people. Straight Facts Dad!!!! Well, in the month of October one part of our team really wears out the shoe leather: our Distribution Sales Team. October is usually the last month before the holidays (Nov/Dec) that distributors allow you to come to the market and work with them to sell our wine. November and December are the largest months of the year for wine sales, so we are trying our hardest to get as much wine in front of potential customers as humanly possible. So, our Western (Emily), Eastern (Sara), Central (Shannon) Sales Directors, along with our VP of Sales (Barron), and our Chairman (Nik Blosser), and yours truly (Me) will be visiting the following cities this month: San Diego, Park City, Honolulu, Seattle, Mexico City, New York City, Washington DC, Charleston, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Tucson, and San Francisco. Get ready world! We are doing our best to get Sokol Blosser wines to a store near you!

Speaking of traveling, me and our Tasting Room crew will be heading up to Seattle this month on Sunday, October 22nd to put on a private Sokol Blosser Cellar Club event at the Cathedral in Ballard.

Our tasting room crew prides themselves in making sure all of our guests feel welcome when they visit us. We just finished up a very busy summer season, and thanks to all of you who visited us, came for a tasting, enjoyed our Farm & Forage, or came for our Live on the Lawn concert series! So many good memories! I typically get to join our Tasting Room crew at their pre-shift meetings on Friday mornings and I love to hear all the things that they are doing. During one of the gatherings this last summer there was a comment about the glasses we use for our tastings. We use nice glasses for our tastings and use the “Oregon Pinot Noir” glass made by Riedel. Did you know that a full 750ml bottle of Pinot Noir can fit in one glass? Crazy non?!?!?

Until next Month!



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