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Harvest 2017 wrap-up

Harvest 2017 is complete, and another one for the books. As we transition from picking and crushing fruit, to fermentation and barreling down, this is the perfect opportunity to share our reflections on the vintage with you.

Unlike the 2016 vintage, where harvest started August 18th, this year we started picking for our sparkling program on September 5th. On September 15th we started bringing in pinot noir grapes from our Concert Block for our still Rosé, our “official” start to harvest, and we were off!

Our 40th vintage (and 46th harvest) tied with 2015 as our largest harvest to date! We brought in 750 tons of grapes, despite dropping 20-40% of our fruit back in August to help concentrate flavors in the grapes left on the vine. A harvest of this magnitude meant many late nights for our harvest crew, lots of dinners ordered in, and lots of baked goods from our colleagues consumed!

Despite the high volume of fruit that came in, what started as a “normal” vintage ultimately ended that way as well. The quality of the grapes are high this year, and our two rain events during harvest didn’t pose any issues – the fruit came in very clean. It reminds our team a lot of the 2012 vintage.

This year we’re excited to expand our work with ambient fermentations, trials in our concrete egg, and a few new techniques we have up our sleeve, including a 10-day cold juice settling for our Rosé of Pinot Noir.

We look forward to introducing you to the 2017 vintage.

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