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Harvest 2014 kicks off!

Harvest has officially begun!

We did something a little out of the ordinary this year. We started harvest even earlier than usual, intentionally picking a portion of our estate Muller-Thurgau and getting early Muscat. Why? These grapes are for our Evolution Sparkling wine. Picking them early help with acid retention and lower sugar content, resulting in lower alcohol content for sparkling wine — an approach we’ve adopted after developing our sparkling program over the last year. The rest of Muller-Thurgau on our estate will be picked at a later time.

As for the rest of our vineyard, the recent cooler weather and rain have been good, helping to clean off the grapes, slow things down and avoid rot. September 10 is still the estimate for starting to pick Pinot Noir; with the anticipated heat wave, our harvest crew is watching closely as heat accelerates the ripening of the grapes and could push timing up. As our Winemaker Alex Sokol Blosser says, “the grapes and vineyard tell us when we need to pick, not us.”

Stay tuned for more vineyard updates from us this Harvest 2014 season!

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