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Harvest 2013 kicks off in the Sokol Blosser Vineyard

Its that time of year again harvest! The 2013 Harvest began this week as the sun shines again on our vines. (If you were in Oregon, you know what were talking about  sudden rain last week!)

First up. We’re picking Pinot Noir in the North Concert Block. These vines were planted in 2000; the north and south combined cover approximately 17.55 acres. For those who have been to our estate, the vines are located just below our solar panels.

Co-President and Winemaker Alex Sokol Blosser shares that 2013 has been much warmer than last year. While not hot, it has been warm since March. In fact, this year’s March was one of the warmest on record. The 2013 Harvest, like every harvest, will be an adventure and a great learning experience. Showing our true farmer mentality, we’re always cautiously optimistic about the caliber of the vintage when we start harvest, and once fermentation is complete we’ll be able to make a better assessment.

Here at Sokol Blosser, we’re committed to making world renown and sought-after Pinot Noir. For example, during harvest we will hand pick and sort the fruit, de-stemming Pinot Noir grapes carefully so we preserve as many whole berries as possible. From organic farming practices to hand harvesting to sustainable packaging, we’ll take extra time and care to pay respect to the earth that has nurtured our fruit to deliver fabulous, delicious and high-quality wines for the world to drink.

Every year, we select a mighty harvest mascot to celebrate and watch over the season. Last year, Enrique, the rooster, made sure our 2012 Harvest went without a hitch! Now, he’s watching over our new Tasting Room. Say hello to him in The Kitchen next time you are in.   So, when it came time to select this years harvest mascot, we couldn’t choose just anyone or anything to take on this honor. After careful consideration, we decided Baby Knapp (also known as Vivian Knapp, our very own Hospitality Manager Jeff Knapps new baby girl) could take on the sought-after and high duties of the mascot. So far, she’s given us good weather and we hope for more in the coming weeks. Thank you, Vivian!

If you are in the area, visit us to taste wine and see harvest in action while our estate is open to the public daily 10 am-4 pm. See you soon!

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