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Bloom Has Arrived – Alex’s June Newsletter

Dear Sokol Blosser and Evolution wine drinkers,

Summer is here and after our cool spring, the grapevines and I are glad to see some sun, and heat. This newsletter will start with bloom and end with a newly released Pinot Noir.

On Friday, June 7th, bloom started in our warmest block in our Dundee Hills Estate vineyard. Concert North is a 4.5 acre block of Pinot Noir which is right below our solar panels near our Tasting Room. First bloom is meaningful as we can pretty much set our clocks to start harvest 110 days from that date. That means we will begin to bring in our first Estate Pinot Noir around the middle of September, with grapes for sparkling starting to come in around Labor Day. Robin in the winery and Luis in the vineyard are starting to plan for that!

Our “Live on the Lawn,” concert series has started back up every Thursday night at our tasting room from 5-7pm. We have a long history of live music out at Sokol Blosser and it continues on in a low-key way with local artists hooking up to a small amp and playing some great wine sipping music. With the summer weather here it is downright idyllic! Here is a link to our summer events.

I was in Cleveland recently and had the opportunity to work with our great distributor there, Wine Trends. One thing I learned about the city is their love for a sandwich called a “Polish Boy,” which is a Kielbasa in a bun covered with french fries, BBQ sauce and coleslaw. I know, sounds amazing! I would pair our Evolution Big Time Red with that! I will offer up that my favorite crazy/salty meat in a tube is the Sonoran Dog. Check it out the next time you are in Phoenix or Tucson. Add a cool glass of our Evolution Lucky No. 9 white blend and bam – summertime people! Get your favorite dog on!!!!

We just started to ship our 2022 Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir to our distributors around the world this month! Bottled this past March, the 2022 is showing some nice bright red cherry fruit, and some ripe tannins. We had a miracle October that year that allowed us to fully ripen the Pinot Noir after a disastrous start to the growing season with a late freeze event which prolonged the growing season. This is Robin’s first Pinot Noir vintage as winemaker!

Be well,


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