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Best For The World 2021 – An Amazing Recognition

We are excited to announce that we’ve been recognized by B Corp as a Best for the World 2021! Out of 4,000 certified B Corp companies worldwide, we ranked in the top 5% for our environmental assessment. Being good stewards of the land to leave it in as good or better shape for the next generation is a key part of being sustainable at Sokol Blosser. We have made many strides in this area over the past twenty years, namely:


  • USDA Organic certification for our vineyard in 2005
  • S. Green Building Council LEED-certified barrel cellar in 2002; we were the first winery in the world to achieve this certification
  • Salmon Safe Certified
  • Onsite 25kW solar panel system
  • Renewable wind power purchased from PGE
  • 50% biodiesel in vineyard tractors and trucks
  • Member of the Prescott Western Bluebird Recovery Project


Our long-term viability and success as a company is dependent on how we treat our staff and the community around us, how we care for the environment on a local and global scale, and running a profitable, well governed business. We are so honored to have been recognized by B Corp and are proud to have an amazing team that makes all of this possible!

For more information about the award and B Corp, click here!

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