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5 tips for cleaning wine cellars

As the change in seasons ushers in the beginning of fresh crops and opportunities for al fresco entertaining, spring is the perfect time to assess your wine collection to ensure ideal pairings for any occasion.

Our winemaker, Alex Sokol Blosser, says, “During winter months, we tend to lean toward rich red wines that warm the spirit and complement comfort foods. But as the seasons shift, so do our appetites. More fresh produce, grilled dishes and lighter fare offer an opportunity for wine pairings that heighten aspects of our plates and the season in general.”

These tips for wine collectors, from novices to connoisseurs, will help you get your wine cellar primed for spring and summer.

  1. Make a list and check it twice. Make note of the wines currently in stock, and keep a list easily accessible. Note the wines that are best to drink now and which could use a little more time to age in the bottle to be sure wines are consumed at their prime.
  2. Missing something? Is your cellar white-heavy or bubbly-deprived? Fill the void. To balance a collection, add a bottle or two of the 2012 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir ($38.) At once elegant and delicate, Oregon pinot noir offers great depth without being as overpowering as some big red wines. This pinot showcases dark fruit flavors of cherry and blueberry with earthy and spicy characteristics.

    For a little effervescence, consider the Evolution Sparkling Wine ($22) This brut is dry on the palate, with a crisp, clean finish, and features aromatics of apricot, green apple, Bosc pear, white peach and citrus.

  3. Keep it seasonal. When the weather warms, it’s always smart to have several bottles of rosé on ice, such as the newly released 2014 Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir ($20). Rosé can be highly versatile, pairing with everything from salads and seafood to grilled dishes and desserts, and a go-to wine for nearly any occasion. This classic dry rosé is made from 100 percent organic pinot noir grapes and is crisp, vibrant and refreshing, with flavors of strawberry, cream and ripe fruit.
  4. Satisfy a sweet tooth. Late-harvest whites make great desserts, so keep a few bottles on the wine rack. Try the 2013 White Riesling Dessert Wine ($40) crafted with the style of classic German ice wines in mind. This light golden-hued wine showcases aromas of apricot and jasmine, with flavors of white peach or nectarine and honeysuckle.
  5. Be adventurous. Add a few offbeat wines that generally fly under the radar to round everything out. A top pick? The 2013 Willamette Valley Müller-Thurgau is an off-dry white with flavors of ripe pear, honey and melon and a lychee feel in the finish.

Visit our tasting room and website to find these wines and more. Happy spring cleaning!

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