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2015 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir accepted at the ‘Judgement of B.C.’

We are excited to announce the recent award of our 2015 Dundee Hills Pinot Noir at the ‘Judgement of B.C.’ tasting in B.C., Canada.

Inspired by the legendary Judgment of Paris in 1976, the inaugural Judgment of BC was hosted in 2015 by the BC Wine Institute in honour of Steven Spurrier’s visit to British Columbia. The event has been now been running for 5 years and is catching some good attention nationally.

The panel of judges are the best respected wine media and trade within Western Canada. This is an event which our importer, Trialto, does not submit for, and the selections are collated by the media and trade involved.

Read more here: https://winebc.com/industry/media_releases/the-wines-of-british-columbia-celebrate-international-recognition-at-final-judgment-of-bc-wine-tasting/

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