• Get To Know The Team (Spring 2022)

Aaron Leikam - Hospitality Manager

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser:

1yr 4mo


Where are you from?:

Texas Grown, PNW Mentality, Moved here from Kauai

Cool fact about yourself?

Have a B.S. from University of Oklahoma in Zoology


Most desperate way you’ve opened a wine bottle:

On a beach with a Lava Rock


What’s the least amount you’ve spent on a bottle of wine:

The Least – it was actually a gag gift and they left the price tag on it, just so we would know…It was $3.49 on a bottle of Beringer’s White Zinfandel. It was given to us by my folks as my Wife and I were traveling across country. Three months later, when we reached our destination – an old farmhouse in Virginia, we were starving. There were no restaurants or stores open, but we did find one box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the cupboard. What better wine to go with Kraft Mac & Cheese than Beringer’s White Zinfandel!


Where is your favorite place to escape to in Oregon:

I love to head to the coast on hot Willamette Valley summer days or float down the Clackamas River.


Which is your favorite winery cat:

Gus – although technically not a cat, he is definitely more my speed when it comes to winery animals. I am much more of a dog person than cat. Although I am pretty impressed by both Harry and Sebastian. 


What is your favorite season in Oregon and why?:

Summer is my favorite season in Oregon. While I love the rain, the dryness of the summer and the fact that summer trout/steelhead run in the summer makes it so enjoyable. Oh, and don’t forget the U-Picks.

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser:

A whole 5…months!


Where are you from?

Fort Worth, Texas


Favorite wine and why:

That’s like picking my favorite child! Our Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir, because it’s delicious and I love the way bubbles can draw out a smile after a difficult day and transform an ordinary day into an epic celebration!


Cool fact about yourself:

In 2016 after a 25-year career in the wine biz, my family and I went on a 5-yr family mission to Germany!


Most desperate way you’ve opened a wine bottle:

A screwdriver and a screw!


What’s the least amount you’ve spent on a bottle of wine, and what’s the most?

3,99€ for an Organic Cabernet Sauvignon from France. I was impressed by the great value!

~$500 Bruno Giacosa Falletto Riserva Barolo at a restaurant. One word – Epic! Thank God it was a business expense!


Coolest place you’ve enjoyed a glass of wine:

Drinking 1982 Vintage Champagne in the ~100-ft deep 3rd century chalk cellars of a famous Champagne producer! It was awesome and quite literally cool!


I am so blessed to have met all the amazing people and had all the incredible experiences this career has offered! I love working with the Sokol Blosser family and team and our world-class wines! Prost!

Barron Beltz - Director of Sales: Central Division
Gus Sokol Blosser

8 months

What brought you to Sokol Blosser:

My Dad, Alex Sokol Blosser

Favorite Food:

Whatever my sister, Lucy, is eating

Favorite pastime:

Avoiding Dad’s Truck

Unique skills:

Not jumping into the truck


New Year’s resolution:
To jump into Dad’s truck

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