• Get To Know The Team (Fall 2023)

Michael Naffziger - Production Assistant

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?
Since April 2023.

Favorite wine and why?
Blanc de Blanc. When people admit to me they hate Chardonnay, I will offer them a glass of a Blanc de Blanc, and they always enjoy it. When I tell them it was made from 100% Chardonnay, I can witness their discovery of a new world of wine.

Where are you from?
Portland, OR

Which is your favorite winery cat?

What is your favorite season in Oregon and why?
Autumn. It is the transformation of colors progressing from green to brown, while the air cools until the first bite of cold hits my face. During this time, our hard work is realized as the harvest is brought in. It is the time to exhale, and reflect on what the land has provided, and to share the story with others.

What’s your favorite fun fact about wine?
On every bottle of sparkling wine, it takes six half turns to remove the wire hood.

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?
2 years and 10 months.

Favorite wine and why?
My favorite wine is our Sauvignon Blanc! It’s such an easy people pleaser for dinners. The acidity and tropical flavors always have you coming back for more.

Where are you from?
I am from Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon!

Weirdest (but delicious) wine and food pairing you know?
Bubbles & chips. I know it’s weird but trust me…

Most desperate way you’ve opened a wine bottle?
I was camping and made the rookie mistake of forgetting my wine opener, so my boyfriend twisted a screw in the bottle and used pliers to leverage it open.

Where is your favorite place to escape to in Oregon?
My favorite place to escape is Central Oregon. There are so many places to hike, fish, and spend the day exploring.

Brittney Blair - Tasting Room Sales Associate
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