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Alex Blosser - Eldest Member of the 3rd Generation

I’ve done almost everything – vineyard, harvest, tasting room, warehouse, sales, you name it.

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?

Seven years at least!

Where are you from

Portland, Oregon.


Coolest place you’ve enjoyed a glass of wine?
Studying abroad in Copenhagen I took a New Nordic-style cooking class, and the wine pairings with the meal were lovely. 


Most desperate way you’ve opened a wine bottle?

Sticking a knife through the cork and twisting it out. I still have all my fingers, somehow.


Favorite place to escape to in Oregon?

Cannon Beach, or the coast in general.

How long have you worked for Sokol Blosser?

Under 1 year.


Favorite wine and why:

Rosé because of its versatility in pairing with foods, a great couch wine to relax and wind down with after a day with my three children, or the refreshing notes on a hot day when chilled perfectly.


Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon.


Which is your favorite winery cat?

Harry is my favorite winery cat. There are many mornings and afternoons where I return to my desk, to find Mr. Harry sitting on my chair waiting to help me complete my tasks for the day. He is just as much a coworker as the others in the winery!


What is your favorite season in Oregon and why?

Summer is my absolute favorite season in Oregon. You find yourself questioning why you live here during the downpour season, to remember why you are here when summer makes its appearance. With access to the beaches, mountains, rivers, and lakes within driving distance, it’s the perfect way to escape without having to travel to a vacation destination.


What’s your favorite fun fact about wine?

Red grapes can create a white wine. While it seems like such an obvious statement; it is something I have found to be a shock to many people, and even those whom I consider to be regular wine consumers. It reminds me of the movie ‘Sideways’ when he exclaims at the idea that the Brut was made from Pinot Noir grapes.

Nicole Jung - Consumer Sales Director
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