• Connoisseur Club Collection Spring 2022

2021 Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir

We only use Pinot Noir grapes to produce this classic dry Rosé. We sourced grapes for this wine from vines that have been intentionally farmed to produce more tons per acre than other blocks, thus minimizing the development of overly ripe, juicy flavors, and preventing high phenolics from appearing in the Rosé. Additionally, we harvest the grapes earlier when the acids are higher, so we are able to create a bright, delicate style Rosé.

Perfect for all things summer! Dungeness crab cakes, grilled zucchini and asparagus, and the classic brunch staple, eggs Florentine!

2019 Dundee Hills Estate Chardonnay

Our 2019 Dundee Hills Estate Chardonnay has notes of candied lemon peel, yellow apple, and honeydew, as well as vanilla and yellow flowers. On the palate, the yellow apple remains, but the lemon evolves to Meyer lemon zest, and the honeydew becomes more like cantaloupe.  Additionally, there is a delightful note of vanilla and butter on the palate to round it out. This wine pairs beautifully with baked halibut, shrimp scampi, and crab cakes with Bearnaise sauce.

2020 Evolution Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling

Our winemaking team has been working overtime to come up with the wine that has it all! The wine that has not only the body and the flavor, but it has to be bright too! Meet our newest member of the Evolution family: the Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling.

This wine bursts with yellow flowers, mango, and passion fruit on the nose, accented by orange blossom and pineapple. These continue to shine on the palate, with a slight herbaceous hint on the finish. This wine goes great with fresh summer salads, yellow curry, or you can find your gourmet side and serve it with a light tropical whitefish.

*We saved this sold-out wine as a special addition to your club collection. If you like this wine, click the bottle to shop our Evolution wines.

2019 Twelve Row Block Estate Pinot Noir

Twelve-Row Block rests just North of Peach Tree Block and West of Orchard Block. It is one of the original sites planted by the Sokol Blosser Family in the 1970s. The family thought they were sold the classic Pommard clone Pinot Noir vines back in the 70’s but they turned out to be an atypical clone of Pinot Noir called Martini clone, but internally it is referred to as the Twelve-Row Clone.

Pair with roast lamb shanks with garlic potatoes, or even a perfectly seared New York strip with a creamy wild mushroom sauce.

2019 Redland Cuvée Estate Pinot Noir

We crafted the Redland Cuvée Estate Pinot Noir to be intentionally more fruit-forward with a strong eye toward showcasing the wider terroir of the Willamette Valley than our classic Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir.

On the nose, Redland Cuvée leads with red cherry and cranberry, alongside rhubarb, vanilla bean, and pine. This is accented by a slight hint of cardamom that carries through to the palate where the vanilla makes way for baking spices. The fruit on the palate remains fresh and vibrant.

2019 Dundee Hills Estate Pinot Noir

Our Dundee Hills Pinot Noir epitomizes everything Sokol Blosser has stood for in 50 years of winegrowing in Oregon. Crafted to be a true expression of terroir from our hillside vines and Jory soil, this wine is made from a low yield crop that is dry-farmed for quality and comprised of a variety of clones.

On the nose, this wine shows notes of black cherry and pomegranate, complemented by an earthy blend of truffle, wet forest floor, and baking spices. On the palate, the fruit remains the same, but is joined by fresh raspberry, as well as cedar and dry leaf. This wine pairs beautifully with seared salmon and fondant potatoes, as well as spiced lamb burgers or carnitas.

2018 Goosepen Block Estate Pinot Noir

Goosepen is Alex’s favorite of our single vineyard blocks. It does not have the rich tannins of its northern neighbor, Big Tree, nor the finesse of the Orchard Block. It has fruit. A lot of rich fruit that can be heavy some years and complex in other years.

Our 2018 Goosepen Block Estate Pinot Noir exhibits fragrances of black cherry, licorice, and leather, with more cherry and licorice on the palate followed by a dash of clove. This wine pairs well with anything off the grill, from rib eye cap to portobello mushrooms.

2017 Big Tree Block Estate Pinot Noir

Big Tree is strong like its namesake, a solitary, beautiful, and graceful Big Leaf Maple Tree that used to lie smack dab in the middle of a block of Pinot Noir. Shallow soil on this site makes the vines struggle more than the rest of our vineyard and produces strength in the wine. The tannins are something your taste buds can climb up, just like Alex used to be able to do when there was a tree there.

Our 2017 Big Tree Block Estate Pinot Noir has a light and floral nose. This wine has a complex mouthfeel and soft tannins with pop of pink peppercorn. Serve with hearty meats like lamb burger on a brioche bun with a healthy schmear of smoked ketchup.

2018 Watershed Block Estate Pinot Noir

The Watershed Block was planted by founders Bill and Susan Sokol Blosser in the early 70s. Although replanted in 2006/2009 on rootstock, cuttings from fruiting vines were taken from the original plantings and grafted onto rootstock for the replant.

On the nose, our 2018 Watershed Block Pinot Noir shows black cherry, blackberry and pomegranate, as well as leather, tobacco, mushroom, and a little cola. The palate is ripe with the same blackberry and pomegranate, as well as leather, fresh cedar, and a bright finish. The moderate tannins of this wine would pair well with a roasted leg of lamb with pomegranate molasses and cipollini agridolce, as well as cedar plank salmon with fresh blackberry sauce.


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