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New French Oak Barrel Delivery

Friday, September 3rd 2010 by
New French Oak Barrels
Above are some of our brand new French oak barrels for the upcoming 2010 Pinot Noir vintage.  While most of our Pinot Noirs only see about 40-50% new oak per year, these are an important piece of our winemaking process - our Pinots will stay in these barrels post-fermentation for about 16 months before blending and bottling in the Spring of 2012.
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Alex Travels to France

Wednesday, April 18th 2012 by Twix , Wine Poodle


Just got off the train in Paris, got a car with GPS (in French!!!) and surprisingly have not gotten lost yet on the way to a stave mill south of Champagne.

Vive la France!!!


Here is a shot of the town of Chablis from the middle of a Grand Cru vineyard called Le Clos. One of our coopers buys wood from around Chablis so hence our visit here.

Off to Sweden tomorrow!




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