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Help us unlock the mystery of Evolution

As our Evolution brand continues to grow and ‘evolve,’ we have created a special extension to involve our Evolution fans Evolution in Progress. This program is intended to give our Sokol Blosser winemaking team the chance to play with a wider variety of wines and share them with you. Wines in this program are crafted to our winemaking team’s desire and are only made in small batches. Fans who try the wine have the opportunity to share their thoughts on our wine at EvoinProgress.com, becoming an extended part of the winemaking team by helping to ‘evolve the wine. And, who knows, the wines might be developed into the Evolution family. Or not. With Evolution in Progress, we are demystifying the winemaking process and inviting people to ‘evolve with us.’

2013 Evolution Sangiovese is the first of our Evolution in Progress wines. Why did we choose Sangiovese for the first batch of Evolution in Progress? Simple. Sangiovese is a component of Evolution Red. We haven’t made any single varietal red wines outside of pinot noir, which is the heart and soul of our winery. We love the depth and juicy fruit characteristics of Sangiovese, an Italian varietal, compared to the delicacy of our pinot noir. Making this wine in a single varietal bottling gives us the opportunity to showcase one of our star varietals in our Evolution Red blend. Although we enjoyed it on its own, we decided to add a splash of Montepulciano; it was just the right amount to land the right color, structure and balance, as it supports the big juicy fruit of Sangiovese. We’ve taken an old world grape and employed new world winemaking methods to create definitive wine. 


Join the Evolution in Progress and taste our newest Evolution family member, 2013 Evolution Sangiovese. You can purchase this wine on our website at SokolBlosser.com or EvoinProgress.com. Once youve tried it, become an honorary winemaker by taking a quick survey at EvoinProgress.com. With your input, earn a reward and have a say in how this bottle of Evolution evolves. Or doesn’t. 

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