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Tim Rosenberry

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Tim was born in the wilds of Pennsylvania, with the Appalachian mountains as his backyard. He has a genuine interest in the growth and passions of people. Managing, mentoring and coaching are what he enjoys most, as all 3 require reciprocal growth.

Favorite place in the U.S: Teton National Park in Wyoming

What You Like About Pinot Noir:

“Wine, especially Pinot noir wine, is all about place. Plant a pinot vine here and it will taste one way, plant it over there and it will taste a different way. Plant it in the Dundee Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and it will likely taste of silky red cherries or raspberries with a touch of autumn-dewed forest floor and a smidgen of mysterious minerality. It should be, in short, the very signature of what the world thinks of as Oregon Pinot noir. Oregon Pinot noir did not begin in the Dundee Hills, but it is in the Dundee Hills where Oregon Pinot noir first won its worldwide reputation for greatness.” – Cole Danehower

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