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Shannon Eastman

Director of Sales - Central Region

I was born in Texas but with a Dad who was in the Air Force and then the oil and gas business, so I moved a lot over the course of my life.  I did end up back in West Texas for high school and graduated from the University of Houston with BBA in Management/Finance in 1994.

Most of my time in the wine business has been based in Dallas, Texas before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband, Jack, two years ago.  I’ve spent a little over twenty years in the wine industry and can’t imagine doing anything else.  I am thrilled to be working with a family owned and operated winery with such a legacy as Sokol Blosser.


Hobbies: Hiking, spending time outdoors with my husband, watching NFL football and trading stocks

What You Like About Pinot Noir: I love how versatile this grape is.  I love that is tastes great on its own and with nearly every food.

Favorite Food: PNW or East Coast oysters with mignonette, gourmet pizza, soup dumplings

Place You’d Like to Travel to: There are so many but I’d start with the Greek islands, Switzerland and the Maldives.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Crisp icy cold martini or H20 with lemon

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