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Sabrina Rehnke

Office Administrator

I graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA with a BFA in Theater Arts in 2002, and promptly moved back to my home state of Colorado to decide what to do next. I held many odd-jobs, including receptionist, allergy medication research, and mail room clerk positions. In the end I fell into a position that led to me becoming a management and organizational development consultant. I was able put to use knowledge gained as an actor, studying and observing human behavior. This was a wonderful pursuit where I got to meet interesting people and make a difference in individual lives. At the same time my husband and I decided to open a local wine bar…and I was introduced to the wonderful world of wine…I was hooked.

In spring of 2015, my husband and I decided to sell our Wine Bar in Denver Colorado and move our young family to our favorite US wine region, the beautiful Willamette Valley or Oregon. I was still working remotely (and through frequent business trips) as a management consultant, but was greatly enjoying the lifestyle and benefits of living in wine country. I finally decided to give up the nomadic lifestyle of a business consultant, and was lucky enough to land a job at one of my favorite Oregon wineries….. Sokol Blosser! (Back in the day, we sold many Sokol Blosser wines at our Wine Bar)

Hobbies: I enjoy amateur photography, especially of my kids and family. I also am an avid knitter, trying desperately to correctly knit two matching socks for my husband, and home baker who is now attempting to bake gluten and egg free (since my daughter has a sensitivity/allergy).

What you like about Pinot Noir: I love the range of Pinot Noir, from dark and full of berries, to light and a bit fruity, there is a pinot for every mood and every dish…you just have to keep looking.

Favorite Food: I am really into Indian comfort foods and miss the takeout options of the (semi) big city. So I am trying to learn to cook these foods at home, which is a grand adventure.

Place You’d Like to Travel to: I would love to go on an African Safari, and see Mt Kilimanjaro. Or Machu Pichu…or the Great Wall of China…pretty much anywhere with loads of history and/or wildlife.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: I love a good handcrafted cocktail, but tend to be lazy at home and end up just drinking rum and diet cokes.