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Rachel McWilliams

Tasting Room Sales Associate

Biography: I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and am proud to call Oregon’s beautiful wine country home. I received a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Oregon State University with areas of focus including human factors engineering, anthropology, and art history. I am currently working towards becoming a mental health nurse practitioner. In between my studies, I spent a season working locally as a harvest winemaking assistant. Through that experience, I gained a deep curiosity for winemaking that would inspire a journey of exploration with Sokol Blosser!

Hobbies: Hiking, picnicking, dancing, reading, creating and appreciating art

What You Like About Pinot Noir: It brings people together and creates a meaningfully immersive experience. The nuance of each sip has the ability to evoke the essence and history of the land from which the fruit originated.

Favorite Food: Homemade pasta dishes with vegetables and herbs from the garden, fresh veggie sushi, and salted natural almond butter

Places You’d Like to Travel to: Italy, Bali, and Japan

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Sparkling water with lime, hot chai tea, strong coffee, and whiskey