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Nik Blosser


Nik Blosser is Co-founder and President of Celilo Group Media, Inc. a Portland, Oregon-based media company with the mission of expanding markets for sustainable products. Celilo’s primary media property are the Chinook Book consumer guides, which include print and mobile green coupon guides in Portland, Seattle, Denver, California’s Bay Area and Minneapolis.

Nik has been a leading voice in the sustainable business arena for the past decade in the Pacific Northwest, shaping both political and business perspectives around the economic opportunities surrounding sustainability. He is an expert on green marketing, integrating sustainable business sectors, and using policy to address environmental and sustainability issues. Celilo Group Media’s publications have been recognized with several awards including the 2007 Cecil D. Andrus Leadership Award for Sustainability and Conservation, the first ever Aveda Environmental Award for the magazine industry, a Best Award from the City of Portland, A Founder of the Northwest Award and several Utne Independent Press Award nominations.

In addition to his responsibilities leading Celilo Group Media, Nik is also co-founder of the Oregon Business Association. He was appointed by two Oregon governors to serve on the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission, where he most recently served as Vice Chair. He also currently serves on the boards of the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Renew Oregon. Nik received his Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in aeronautical engineering and English from Stanford University.

Nik and his wife, Deborah Kafoury, live in Portland with their three children: Alexander, Jacob and Anna.

Hobbies: political campaigns, mixing drinks and cooking

What You Like About Pinot Noir: Drinking our Pinot Noir is like inhaling the air, sun, dust, rain and life of a season in the Dundee Hills. If you close your eyes and take a sip, you’re transported here. And it is fantastic with my favorite foods.

Favorite Food: Salmon

Place You’d Like to Travel to: Russia to Mongolia on the train

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Blue Plum liquor (Slivovitz) from Clear Creek Distillery