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Michelle Morain

Tasting Room Sales Associate

I was born in Okinawa, Japan and moved to McMinnville when I was five after my dad retired from the military. I went to Linfield College to study Elementary Education, which also formed my passion for Linfield football (in which I have season passes to by the way). After I graduated in 1996 I moved to Minnesota where my family was and stayed for 7 years. When I moved back to Oregon, I worked hard to get a current teaching license and started teaching in 2008 and finished my Masters in 2009. I just got moved to Memorial Elementary where I will teach EL in the Fall and continue working at Sokol Blosser on the weekends. I have loved diving into a new kind of education and being able to teach people about the variety of wines they are drinking.

Hobbies: I love to read and crochet in my free time, and hang out with my awesome daughter.

What Do You Like About Pinot Noir: I like the versatility and how each vintage is different.

Favorite Food: Mexican

Place You’d Like to Travel to: I would love to go back to Japan and Germany.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: A good sweet tea.