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Melissa Fredrickson

Fulfillment & Warehouse Supervisor

Melissa was born and raised in Oregon, and like a fine wine aged to perfection. Always part of the “in crowd”, she was destined to join the wine industry. In 2003, she started working for the first and soon to be one of the largest wine fulfillment centers in Oregon. Knowing absolutely nothing about wine, she proceeded to work there for 12 years. Her love for the industry grew as well as her network and she finally found her niche and true home with Sokol Blosser.

What is your most memorable wine experience? 
In 2010, my childhood best friend and “partner in crime” delivered devastating news about her son’s rare diagnosis of Sanfilippo Syndrome. I became the co-event planner of the soon to be annual “Jonah’s Just Begun Wine Fundraiser.” Some of my favorite wineries poured at the event and they raised close to $10,000. It was a very heartfelt and soul satisfying success.

Favorite drink besides wine? 
If she’s not drinking Kangen water then nothing beats an ice cold 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice Green Apple on a hot sunny day.

Favorite Food Pairing? 
Bubbles and pizza.

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