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Lee Medina

Key Account Manager

I am a transplant via California to Minnesota and landing here in Oregon. I have been in the restaurant business most of my life starting as a young teenager. Fell in love with wine around the age of 23. I moved to Oregon in 1995 because of its growing wine industry surrounded by Pinot Noir. When I left MN my friends asked me “what are you going to do at a winery”? I told them I did not know I was just going to ride the wave & have fun, 27 years later at Sokol Blosser I am still riding different waves and still having fun. One of the best things about working at Sokol Blosser Winery is that all of us here are passionate about family, friends and good food & wine. What more could anyone ask for?

Hobbies: I really enjoy being outside, grilling, camping, fishing, kayaking and snow shoeing. Most of all I really enjoy cooking at home and listening to music (Van Morrison & Dave Matthews).

What You Like About Pinot Noir: What I like about Pinot Noir is that it is very mysterious, always evolving, elegant with lots of finesse.

Favorite Food: I love a wide range of foods but I am a big fan of Pan-Asian cuisine and my mom’s home made tacos & enchiladas! Yummy…

Place You’d Like to Travel To: I would love to visit Italy & Spain and then the rest of the world after that.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Water, Ketel One Martini very dry and a real cold mug of root beer!

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