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Joel Buckle

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Descending from an ancestry of Pacific Northwest loggers, brewers, and mountain climbers, Joel is proud to call Oregon his home. After graduating from Portland State University, he has worked in both agency and in-house marketing teams. With a passion for travel, Joel has explored the Incan ruins of Peru, the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, and the mountain peaks of the French Alps. Joel discovered a fascination with wine while hiking the Tour Du Mont Blanc, a 110-mile trek through the alpine wilderness of France, Italy, and Switzerland. While rigorous, Joel was able to set his pack down and enjoy local wines at the many chateaus and chalets along the trail. He has joined the Sokol Blosser team with an open mind and a curious palate.

Hobbies: Book and record collecting, composing songs with my band, hiking extreme distances, and embarking on adventures of all kinds.

What You Like About Pinot Noir: It thrives in the Willamette Valley, and so do I.

Favorite Food: Anything with lemon, garlic, and butter. Also tacos!

Place You’d Like to Travel to: Spain, Nepal, Japan, Iceland..

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: IPA’s, Lemon San Pellegrino, and a nice Barrel Proof Bourbon

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