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Caryl Zenker

Tasting Room Sales Associate

I was born and raised in NYC.  Moved to the PNW for college.  Graduate of The Evergreen State College and the UW.  Two sons and one new pandemic pup – an 80lb Labradoodle named Bruno.  I have been blessed with a career that has allowed me to work alongside amazing people at art museums, zoos, aquariums, public broadcasting stations, politics and, now, Sokol Blosser.

Hobbies: Shopping, watching TV, movies and playing frisbee.

What you like about Pinot Noir: Oregon Pinots are amazing because they manifest the terroir.  When you enjoy a bottle at home, you are transported back to the vineyard – the smell, the sun, and the earth.

Favorite food: Cheese, cheese, and cheese.  And, hamburgers!

Places to travel: Anywhere – from exploring new Portland neighborhoods; obscure Oregon towns, Oh Canada and beyond.

Favorite things to drink besides wine: A well balanced fountain Coke with crushed ice and a splash of Dr. Pepper.

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