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Caleb Goad

Tasting Room Sales Support

He is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery. Born atop a mountain, amidst a thunderstorm, as foretold in prophecy. It is said that he once slew a lion with his bear hands, which he acquired from an actual bear. He also once travelled the world to master every martial art, even the fictional ones. Centuries later he has returned as an average millenial with a liberal arts degree. In his current incarnation, he speaks 3 languages, enjoys video games, and dreams of becoming a writer.

Hobbies: Reading, gaming, writing, watching movies

What You Like About Pinot Noir: The amount of variety within a single type of wine. I like learning about all the different aspects of wine.

Favorite Food: Anything with meat, really

Place You’d Like to Travel To: Japan, France, Italy, England, Ireland

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Beer, especially IPA’s