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Bev Edwards


For decades, I have worked in the fine-dining restaurant industry. From Chicago to Salt Lake City to Portland, I have contributed to the success of each city’s most highly acclaimed restaurants and developed a passion for wine and a love for Oregon wines especially. In joining The Sokol Blosser team I have realized a long time dream to be a part of the Oregon Wine experience in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

When I’m not sharing and learning about wine at Sokol Blosser, you’ll find me working hard in my beautiful vegetable garden, baking fresh goods, writing articles focused on family fun for every generation and spending time with my three grandsons.

Hobbies: Organic Gardening, Baking, Essential Oils, Writing and Family Time (in any form).

What You Like About Pinot Noir: It is a most romantic wine, bringing out such passion in its enthusiasts. The stories that tell the tale of Pinot Noir in Oregon become an integral part of the expression of the magical elixir that appears in the glass. Best of all Pinot Noir is so versatile it enhances every delicious dish you find at the table.

Favorite Food: Anything my husband cooks and chocolate.

Place You’d Like to Travel to: Italy, Sweden

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Sun Tea and good sipping bourbon.

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