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Angie Sutton

Tasting Room Sales Associate

I was born in Redmond, Oregon and grew up in Anaheim, California. I went away to college in Nevada at UNLV to get my degree in Education and moved back to Oregon in 2010. I am a wife and mother to two amazing kids. After I took a trip to Napa, I just knew I had to find my way into the wine industry and now here I am at Sokol Blosser. In the Fall I will be teaching Kindergarten at Edy Ridge in Sherwood, but until then I will continue to enjoy my summer here at Sokol Blosser and learning about wine in the most beautiful wine country there is.

Hobbies:  Reading and watching my kids play sports.

What Do You Like About Pinot Noir: I love how each block and vintage have different nuances.

Favorite Food: Italian and Mexican

Place You’d Like to Travel to: Europe. Australia. Just about any tropical island.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Coffee. Dr. Pepper. Water.