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Michael Kelly Brown | Director of Consumer Sales

Bio: Born in Astoria, Oregon and growing up in the Pacific Northwest I have deep love for this part of the world.  After graduating from Camas High School and studying English Literature at Washington State University I moved to Europe for three years to get a different type of education.  Managing restaurants, bars and clubs in the Czech Republic and Scotland created a unique foundation for the hospitality industry and after returning, in February of 2000, I became a manager at Jo Bar and Rotisserie in NW Portland.  Working for a family run business that was passionate about food and wine heightened my interest in the fine dining industry and through their dedication toward enrichment taught me a great deal about wine in particular.  When I moved on to Bluehour Restaurant and was a general manager in Bruce Carey’s organization for over 3 years my wine education continued through the Court of Master Sommeliers.  When the opportunity presented itself to work for the Sokol Blosser family whom I had known for many years I could not pass it up.  My wife Maria, daughter Mirabel and our two dogs Dante and Clover now live in McMinnville.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, running, chess, racquetball and cooking.
What you like about Pinot NoirPinot Noir is the ultimate food wine.  At a restaurant when 5 people order something different, Pinot Noir is the go to varietal that will most likely pair with everything.
Favorite Food: Camarones el Diabla with corn tortillas at Martha’s Tacos in Lafayette, Oregon.
Place You'd Like to Travel To: New Zealand!
Favorite Drink Besides Wine: I love great coffee and really good Spanish Brandy.